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  • The new site is creating quite a buzz around the office. Everyone here is very pleased with the design and we've already started to receive positive comments from quite a few customers.
    — Deb Bussey : Peer 1 Network
  • I just wanted to let you know that the promo piece was a BIG success. We've received many compliments from clients as well as internally... I think you might be receiving calls from other DoubleClick offices... I hope to work with you again soon.
    — Lara Skripitsky : DoubleClick Canada
  • We would like to thank you and your teammates for delivering such an excellent demo in such a short period of time. Well done. We are all very pleased.
    — Marsha Scharf : iseemedia
  • Dúnedain has been a great find. Always willing to work within the creative and budget constraints imposed, they always produce a high quality product that receives compliments and raves from Compaq and others.
    — Tamara Walsh : Communications Manager, CPG : Compaq
  • We are extremely happy with the services provided by Dúnedain and appreciate their commitment to our projects.
    — Steve Ryan : 3com
  • These interactive meetings are amazing to watch… Seeing people login, knowing the audience is participating, watching the polling results appear on the monitor in real-time as they answer… I cannot wait to start using this tool to host other online events. It has endless possibilities. Compaq is thrilled! I’m really excited.
    — Sharon Miller : SM-A
  • The site promotion looks fantastic! I love it!
    — Jessica Beriro : DoubleClick UK
  • It's always challenging to find a digital media company that can work with a fast moving technology startup... Our complete satisfaction is reinforced by the numerous compliments we receive from our customers and prospects.
    — Vincent E. O'Meara : EnterprisePoint
  • Dúnedain's work helped us successfully communicate with a very important and bilingual audience. The presentation was elegant and functional and the development process was painless on our end. Thanks for the great work.
    — Rodney Carey : CFO : Miami-Dade Empowerment Trust
  • I was just given a preview of the new VideoWave promotion in a meeting and I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you and your team for a job well done. Nice work!
    — Anthony DeCristofaro : President, Founder, CEO : MGI Software
  • I just installed the GM of VW Movie Creator. When I opened the application, I clicked on "tutorial" and nearly screamed for joy when I saw... I've been waiting for this type of tutorial to appear in all our applications (and I think our OEMs have been waiting too)... Great job! I hope we can see these tutorials in every one of our applications. I just had to say "AWESOME JOB" to the team.
    — Brad Duea : VP Business Development : Roxio
  • Just got a call from Mark at ZeroKnowledge... Yes, they LOVE it! Their designers can't believe we were able to do this in the timeframe. Mark asked me to send his thanks for the great work. So... thanks guys. Great job!
    — Vincent E. O'Meara : Director, Digital Media : Spencer Francey Peters
  • Bell rated the Raptorball micro-site the number 3 property within the inventory it markets through Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment Ltd. The properties that ranked 1 and 2 involved player appearances from both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors. In that context, we consider the Raptorball site to be the top property Bell was involved in. We are very proud of the results and found working with Dúnedain on this project to be a delight.
    — Mercury Media Sales : Dúnedain Alliance Partner
  • I stumbled on your site and just had to drop a line to say how exciting it is to see a company doing something truly different on the web. It's also very attractive. Kudos and best of luck to your company!
    — unsolicited email to Bird On A Wire Networks (later acquired by AT&T Canada, to become allstream) in response to BOAW Recruitment Site : by Dúnedain for Spencer Francey Peters
  • We love our new website! We went into this process pretty green. All we knew was we didn't want it to look like anything like every other restaurant site. You made the whole event simple... delivered a site that is slick and sexy... it's exactly right!
    — Michael Sullivan : Restauranteur : EAU
  • The site looks really really great. We love the convergence demo and all the strong visual TV ties-ins. Please EXTEND our thanks to your team for all the hard work.
    — A. Lloyd : ExtendMedia
  • As usual, you blew them away! Just wanted to say thanks for all the extra time and effort you put into this show... The presentation looks absolutely fabulous and I know it will be a smash hit!
    — Sharon Miller : SM-A
  • Dúnedain quickly gave our new company an immediate presence and a look and feel that said we were here to stay. Their attention to detail and their understanding of the strategic direction we were looking for meant we were able to ‘hit the ground running’.
    — Kevin Callahan : President & CEO : Pioneering Technology Inc.
  • Dúnedain took our centre to places we never thought we’d reach. Their work for us for our Virtual Museum of Canada project “Highway Workplace: The Canadian Truckers Story” is exemplary. We’ve been showing it to folks in the industry and they are very excited to see such creative and innovative work.
    — Renee Johnston : Executive Director : Workers Arts and Heritage Centre
  • I wanted to thank you for all your work on constructing this website and the project as a whole. The site looks phenomenal and we have already had several comments on the design. I appreciated all your quick responses and cooperation. You were amazing to work with and your service is exceptional.
    — Clinton Rebec : Comptroller : Aqua4 Inc.
  • I get a real charge out of working with Dúnedain. They deliver TOPNOTCH designs that are creative, relevant, and leading edge.
    — Ken Spiteri : President and CEO : EDIC (Electronic Data Interchange, Implementation and Ecommerce)
  • Dúnedain’s design work is top notch. They are totally professional, exceptionally talented, and a true pleasure to do business with. I am thoroughly happy with the visual persona they have developed for my services… Dúnedain is on the cutting edge of communication technology.
    — Liane de Lotbinière : ACTRA + UDA Bilingual Voice Actor and Jingle Singer
  • I wanted to extend my appreciation for the superior work that you and your team at Dúnedain provided to create the brand expression for my company. I especially wanted to thank you for the strategic direction that you brought to this project. Dúnedain’s combination of creative vision and technical expertise ensured that the initial concepts and direction were translated into a strong brand image. I also wanted to commend you on the project management practices that you applied. The extranet solution made it easy to track your progress, collaborate, and download files. Once again, thank you for a job well done.
    — Clara Angotti : President : M Systems Group Inc.
  • Dúnedain has lent creative brilliance to the design of our logo and website… achieving a brand identity and corresponding image that reflects our purpose and mission. Dúnedain, as always, surpassed our expectations by providing the most attractive and engaging web presence imaginable. SmarterSense has found the ultimate strategic partner in Dúnedain.
    — Anthony Grant : VP, Business Development : SmarterSense
  • A few years ago when I needed to find a company that would do what most said could not be done in the IT and risk selection world Dunedain came through.
    — Ross Morton : Reassurer, Advisor, Mentor :